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What made you want to join Coastway Hospital Radio For Brighton?

I have been involved with radio for around 4 years in the North of Scotland both commercial and hospital radio.  When I moved to the south of England last August,  I wanted to get back into hospital radio again as I had to leave Inverness Hospital Radio in Scotland   Coastway looked like a fantastic station and a great opportunity to get behind the microphone again so I joined and started 35mm Reel.

How did you get into presenting?

I was trained by a Radio course based in Inverness, Scotland called Radioskills. After 9 months of training, Radioskills ran a community radio station broadcast over Inverness for the month of September.  I presented two shows, one being a early afternoon weekly show between 1 & 3 and “Soundtracks” every Saturday at the same time.  I have presented radio since then.

How would you describe you show on Coastway?

“35mm Reel” where I present some of the greatest film and TV show Soundtracks every Sunday evening between 7 & 9. I also present “Soundtrack of the Week” where I present tracks, themes or scores from one film and TV show soundtrack and you have to guess what film and TV show the soundtrack is from.

Name a key tune that you love or inspired you

“Extreme Ways” performed by Moby.

What’s your favourite movie and why?

2004’s Man on Fire directed by Tony Scott.  It’s a film I have loved since I watched it the first time.  I never get sick of it.  Plus it’s stars one of my favourite actors  (Denzel Washington), it’s directed by one of my favourite directors  (Tony Scott) and composed by one of my favourite soundtrack composer  (Hans Zimmer).

What’s your ultimate guilty pleasure?

That’s for me to know and you to find out! :)


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