Andrew Quick

Mr Quick – Pop Tart with Andrew Quick, Thursdays at 8pm

What made you want to join Coastway Hospital Radio For Brighton?

Well I needed something to keep me out of trouble! I honestly can’t remember what made me think of looking but I checked out the Coastway website and it said to send an email… So I did and was asked to come for a chat. I thought I would be helping with production or fundraising.
I came in , met a few of the guys and told them a bit about myself…. At the end I was asked what kinda show I wanted to present. I hadn’t even thought about going on air and so I said the first thing that came into my head when I thought about a radio show – Soundtracks

How did you get into presenting?

When I was a kid I was really into soundtracks (songs rather than scores). A friend and I used to  record a radio show on my cassette stereo. It was called 9.95 after a song on the Teenage Mutants Ninja Turtles soundtrack. And that was kinda all the experience I’ve had. I was a radio virgin before Coastway.
So I did Mr Quicks Sountrack Show for the first 6 months before giving birth to…. MR QUICK – POP TART.

How would you describe you show on Coastway?

Mr Quick – Pop Tart is the show that makes other pop shows all shades of green!! It’s got the coolest, campest tracks you probably won’t have heard. It’s not as mainstream as other shows. Plus I like to flirt with the audience.

Name a key tune that you love or inspired you

The Gossip – Move In The Right Direction

What’s your favourite movie and why?

Oh that’s easy The Lost Boys! It’s the coolest film ever made!!

What’s your ultimate guilty pleasure?

Gosh these questions have given me quite a pounding!! …
 I definitely can’t tell you what my guilty pleasure is on here but will email you. Don’t worry I have diagrams

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