Conrad Miller

studio 2 (1)Rolled On Southern Blues

DJ: Conrad Miller

Sundays from 4pm-6pm

How would you describe the programme?

It’s an uplifting, eclectic mix of southern rock, gospel, country-funk, roots reggae, folk, Americana and bluegrass. It all fits together! The music has one thing in common – it has soul. It’s genuine, the artist believes in what they are doing. And it grooves! I like a good groove, particularly when I’m winding down on a Sunday afternoon.

What else can we look forward to hearing?

Everything from Bunny Wailer to Father John Misty to Meditation Singers to Country Gazette. And each week I’ll be featuring a classic album. I’ll play 3 tracks throughout the show and tell you a bit about the record and what makes it special. Plus there is a focus on the Brighton gospel scene.

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