Janet Lawrence

How would you describe your programme?

A classical music show with loose parameters.  It may include traditional songs, folk and jazz and certainly interviews with celebrities, not necessarily in the classical music genre.  I recently interviewed Peter James, Brighton-based crime writer;film-maker Phil Grabsky whose films “In Search of Mozart”, “In Search of Beethoven” and “In Search of Haydn” get right under the skin of those composers.  I also have close links with The Hanover Band, a period-instrument orchestra based in Hove.

How did you get into presenting?

I joined Coastway in 1991, first collecting requests from some of the seven hospitals Coastway used to cover, then started the classic show in 1993.

Who/what are your biggest influence(s)?


Name a particular piece of music that you love

Haydn’s Cello Concerto in C.

What do you do when you are not broadcasting?

Play my accordion, socialise with family and friends (I have four grandchildren, two of them in Australia), go abroad, have amazing adventures, write, cook, sew, read, go to performance events and drive my campervan.


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