Jason Baker

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Jason Baker’s Feel Good Friday, Fridays at 3pm


What made you want to join Coastway Hospital Radio For Brighton?

I spent 3 months in hospital in 2016 and when the iPad battery ran out I discovered hospital radio which saved many a boring Sunday afternoon!!

How did you get into presenting?

I have worked in media for the past 17 years so it’s always been something I have been interested in. I have been master of ceremonies at a few weddings in the past so I thought I’d try my hand at radio, ahem!

How would you describe you show on Coastway?

Along with great great music we have three main items – they are:

1. Good news of the week. (we only do good news)

2. A weekly item on stress busting and I will be trying out different weird and wonderful ways that you can relive stress and reporting back on the show.

3. Good cause of the week. Where I interview or report on a community project, charity or even someone who is doing a fun run – I’ll get them into the studio to tell THE WORLD what they do…

Name a key tune that you love or inspired you

“New Day” by Nina Simone

How do you like to unwind?

A very large chocolate cheesecake ….


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