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Hello, my name is Richard Beard, and I have the good fortune to be the Chair of Coastway Hospital Radio. I’ve come to the post from the hospital side of Coastway’s working remit rather than through the broadcast route. I head up engagement and communication for the 3Ts Redevelopment of the Royal Sussex County Hospital. There is a natural fit between my area of work and Coastway’s most immediate audience, the patients. It is important that Coastway has a voice of support within the hospital and the wider Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals NHS Trust (BSUH). It is equally important that the hospital make best possible use of Coastway Radio and supports it in reaching patients. This natural cross-over of interests led me to stand as Chair, and the hard working volunteers in Coastway were kind enough to elect me.

I’ve worked for BSUH for 15 of the 18 years that I’ve lived in Brighton. I originally joined the organisation as a Medical Librarian. Got a stereotypical picture of a librarian in your head? Good. That’s about as wrong as you can go. If we meet you will see what I mean. Outside of my work for the hospital and Coastway I’m also a semi-professional story teller and used to be one of the committee members of Brighton Storytellers. I appear as a certain heavily bearded, mid-winter character every weekend in December and, when time allows, play guitar. I write short stories as part of a duo called Two Men Went To Mow and have been known, from time to time, to crack really bad jokes.

Over the coming year I intend to work with the rest of the volunteers at Coastway to improve the robustness of our service to patients, build on our working relationship with the companies that support the technical side of the station and promote the profile of Coastway both within the hospital and in the local community.


You can contact me directly by e-mail:


Coastway – Hospital Radio For Brighton broadcasts 24 hours a day to patients in the Royal Sussex County Hospital.

In the hospital, you can hear us on Channel 1 on Hospedia the patient bedside media services company. Some Hospedia service are charged, but listening to the radio is always free.

We also broadcast online. Simply click on our “Listen Live” banner on the top of the page and you can hear Coastway at any time on your computer or smartphone. Those with friends or family members in the hospital might want to make contact with our live broadcasts: online, you can do this by using the ‘Contact Us’ option under the Info tab on this website. Wherever possible, we will air your message to a  patient. From the hospital, you can dial *800 from your bedside unit.

Here at Coastway, we try to offer the best in music, speech, performance, news and entertainment to our many listeners.

We are committed to bringing communities together, and do this through our programmes and right here our website.

You can follow us on Facebook and on Twitter, and keep up with our work here on our website. We’re all volunteers, and run on funds we raise ourselves.  If you’d like to help support us, there’s a ‘Donate’ button on our Home page – but we also take postal donations to our registered address at Sussex House.

Look out for us when we visit the wards: we’ll look out for you, and bring you a copy of our Smile magazine.

On behalf of us all at Coastway Hospital Radio for Brighton, I wish you a speedy return to good health.

Richard Beard

Chair/Head of Station

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