Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals NHS Trust website has a great page all about your stay in hospital, and you can find it by Clicking Here.

You can hear Coastway Hospital Radio for Brighton free both at this website at the top of the page and by tuning to Channel 1 on the Hospedia bedside system in the hospital.

To get started with the bedside service, all you have to do is follow the on screen instructions. If you get stuck, just pick up the bedside phone and speak with the Customer Care Team at any time. This is always a FREE call from the bedside.

To register, Hospedia will need a few details from you in order to get you set up with their services. But don’t worry these details are never passed on to any anybody else.

You may choose to buy their services (Hospedia offers a range of services, including TV and Radio , Games, Internet access, on demand Films and Hospital Information as well as a personal phone all at the bedside), or request the radio service for free.

Once you are set up, you will find Coastway Hospital Radio for Brighton by pushing the RADIO button on your remote, and then using the middle button at the bottom of your remote and scrolling up until you reach CHANNEL 1.

Hospedia representatives are on hand in the hospital to help patients and visitors with all aspects of their service. Just look out for their Advisors in the pink shirts. Of course Coastway ward visitors will be able to help with this, as will the hospital staff.

There are plenty of opportunities to get a mention on air, or have a particular piece of music played just for you. We can’t always guarantee a track, but we’ll play something you might like instead if not.

If you are in hospital, you can call us FREE from your Hospedia Channel 6 Unit, by dialling *800, or see one of our ward visitors.

You can contact us by e-mailing whether you are in hospital or not.

We look forward to including you soon.

And remember, all calls to *800 are FREE!

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