Rosemary Allix

How would you describe your programme?

My programme is called The Book Corner because I hope my listeners will enjoy it as much as curling up for an hour with a good book. And, of course, because it is all about books, writers and poets, with plenty of music nestling in between.

What made you want to join Coastway Hospital Radio For Brighton?

In my ambitious years I knocked on the doors of the BBC … without much success, so joining Coastway was the chance to fulfil all my dreams of getting behind the microphone. It’s also a personal indulgence, each week I put together a magazine programme from favourite pieces of writing, or I chat in the studio with some very interesting people.

What do you like best about Coastway?

Brighton (and Hove) has no shortage of literary talent from top crime writer to modest poet and they all love coming into Coastway to be a guest in The Book Corner – I never have to ask anyone twice.

How did you get into presenting?

After school I joined my local paper as a junior reporter and I have been interviewing people and hearing their stories ever since.

Name a key tune that you love or inspired you

As I am a words person, most of my favourite songs have great lyrics. I think of them as poems set to music, capturing moments, telling stories. Do you know that great Kirsty MacColl number ‘There’s a guy works down the chip shop swears he’s Elvis.’ Love that one!

What do you do when you are not broadcasting?

My love of books and writing doesn’t stop when I leave the studio. I have studied creative writing at Sussex University and even have my own small publishing company. And of course I am always writing: novels … poems … shopping lists.


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  1. Hi Rosemary you wrote my grandmas book ‘between two worlds’ sorry Carmen Rogers is her name and I’ve just picked it up and started reading it after all these years. I wanted to say thank you for this as it’s all I have of her and my history. Ironically I now live in Brighton too. Anyway thank you so much x

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